Matter Nutrition

Let's make food science-y again.


Matter is a food service and lifestyle wellness ecosystem. They make food that matters, because you matter.

Matter Nutrition serves macro-counted, nutrient-dense, science-backed meal plans suited to your wellness goals and dietary preferences.

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Client: Matter Nutrition
Date: June 2020
Services: Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Photography, Copywriting, Social Media Management, Website Design.


The aim was to rebrand and revamp Athleat, a beloved meal plan company based in Dubai, in order to reach a broader audience.

Focusing on the business’ scientific approach to food and fitness, we used the periodic table and concept of a cell structure to inform the main brand assets. Aligning this with a bright, playful, yet refined palette allowed the communication to reach both fitness and lifestyle communities.

Balancing a sense of authority through informative content along with softer, more relatable messaging, the Matter Nutrition marketing channels revolve around five key pillars: Curiosity, Science, Philosophy, Wellness and Education. Using these as the basis for the communication strategy, we work alongside the Founder and Head Nutritionist, Tarek Roumie, to build engaging topics that drive value for the community at large.


Our longterm goals are to inform and connect the community by creating a space for both education and implementation in fitness food.

With the aspiration of redefining “fitness food”, Matter Nutrition works every day to not just improve their products and service through operational advantages in tech and AI, but also through creating content that is educational, sharable, and most importantly, free. Understanding how to eat and live better should be accessible to everyone, so we make it a priority to provide value through our communication and community.

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