Kosciuszko Street

A muted palette, modern transitional details, and functional elements.


The corner plot of 175 Kosciuszko Street in Brooklyn, New York sits in the heart of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

The aim of this gut renovation project was to maximize the functionality, modernize the structure, all the while ensuring it maintained the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

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Client: SpearHead Architecture & Design
Date: December 2017
Services: Interior Architecture


The aim was to make best use of the existing structure, enhance its elements, and make it more relevant for current and future markets.

Working alongside the developer, contractor and broker, we created  an identity profile for the potential customer. From there, the concept, space plan, and layout were built around the best use case for that customer, considering the sale options and market potential.

Although there are only two units in the building, both with different layouts, our goal was to make them flexible for renters as well as buyers, while maintaining a consistent style throughout and increasing the overall property value.


The materials and palette on the exterior are inversed, and continue to the interior. There is a sense of comfort as a home, and convenience like a condominium.

Using the traditional wood facade as a base, we went through iterations of designs in order to incorporate metal panels that would showcase its location on the corner of the street with two front-facing views. Our final design was a partial corner wrap, using a lightweight material that gives the impression of metal, along with black railings, roof and gate. Continuing this to the interior, we created a feature wall on the ground floor entrance leading up into the duplex staircase. By inverting the palette used on the facade and placing black wood panels running horizontally across, the inside has a tactile connection to the outside.

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