Inner Being

Be nourished. Be natural. Be you.

We want you to look, feel and be your best. Learning from our ancestors, we have used local ingredients, each with their own natural benefits, to supercharge your day. We have taken ancient wisdom, created simple recipes and turned them into innovative products. We not only want to feed you, but we want to educate you so that you make healthier choices in every aspect of your life. We will share our knowledge so that you can join us every step of the way. Inner Being goes beyond the pantry, it doesn’t just live on the supermarket shelves. It’s about your approach to life. It’s about the way you care for yourself and your body. We want you to be nourished, naturally.

Client: Inner Being
Date: September 2018
Services: Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Photography, Copywriting.


A new FMCG product, backed by the Agriculture department of the Indian Government, is looking to position themselves as leaders in the healthy eating market by taking ownership of ancient grains.

The brand philosophy is to assist customers in reaching their goals of true harmony in inner and outer being, which involves nourishment of mind and body through natural practices. By farming ancient grains, cultivating traditional recipes, and packaging old wisdom with the changing times, Inner Being aims to bring the knowledge of agriculture in India to the world in a modern, convenient way.


Working alongside the management and development teams, we built a brand identity and communication assets that aligned with the product vision and business mission.

Throughout months of iterations, we explored the appropriate execution to align the brand values, resonate with both a national and international market, as well as stand out in an increasingly crowded industry. With a strong understanding of the context of the local market, as well as a deep consideration of global trends, we developed a brand identity that would stand out on the shelves and relates to the modern consumer.


Carrying the identity through to the packaging, copywriting and photography style, we built a complete system for the Inner Being brand experience.

Bright, solid colors contrasted with soft, muted tones bring out the natural richness of the food. There is a sense of playfulness in the wordmark, paired with concentric circles in the icon that allude to wholeness. The typography is crisp and precise, much like the methodology behind the products.

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