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Tanvi Malik

Tanvi has broad experience across disciplines, and applies design thinking principles with a human-centered approach to develop structured solutions for organizations, brands, experiences and products. Her experience spans industries including Fitness & Wellness, F&B & Retail, Technology & Innovation, Hospitality & Nightlife, and much more. With a dual degree in Integrated Design and Non-Fiction Writing, she considers all aspects – strategic narrative, business model and designed output – which allows for a holistic, client and consumer-centric approach.


Tanvi has worked in the fields of Interior Architecture, Apparel Design and Sales & Marketing in New York before starting Sense Studio in Dubai. Through the studio, she has supported nearly 40 organizations of all scales in developing their concept, building their brand, creating the product/experience or handling external communications. Tanvi has also consulted on public sector projects across the GCC for ATÖLYE, handling brand, business and community strategies. Most recently, Tanvi has joined SYPartners as a Senior Strategist in the UAE. Her aspiration is to build systems of mentorship for women in business and design, and increase accessibility for better designed solutions through public policy.