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From March to June of 2020, the world almost came to a standstill. We stayed indoors. We feared the unknown. We became vulnerable to our inherent need for connection to both people and our planet. Nature, or lack thereof, became a disheartening element in our lives – a momentary senseless loss.


The grounding that comes with being in contact with the earth, the sea, the sand is the fundament of our existence. The knowing that we are of the same composition of every thing that makes our planet is the most humbling thought in the world.


And yet, we faced a time when we couldn’t go back to it. We couldn’t remind ourselves that the world has existed, and will continue to exist, so long as life continues to thrive.


We need a way to connect with nature, remind ourselves of its importance and its expanse, no matter where we are.


We want to make nature portable, so we can always ground ourselves and connect to our planet. With a curated, delicate display and items available for purchase, we will bring the outdoors indoor. We will play off ideas of archives, preservation, and souvenirs to create one of a kind pieces in limited quantities.


Using found, gathered and recycled materials with sustainable methods of preservation, we created a solar-powered ambient light to showcase the diversity of locally prevalent natural elements.


This was displayed as part of the UAE Designer Exhibition in Dubai Design Week 2020, and was re-exhibited in Jameel Arts Center later the same year.


Product Design