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Ajman Data Visualization Competition

The Government of Ajman was looking for creatives to make visually-engaging content about Ajman’s development using their data sets. To kick-off the challenge, we started with a collective brainstorming exercise to go through the database and select statistics that we found most compelling. We focused on the environmental aspect of Ajman, specifically the transformation of green spaces between 2013 and 2019. After sketching out ideas for mapping the data, we came up with multiple ways to display the information. Our goal with the design is to simplify all the data and make it easier to read and understand for the viewer while making it visually appealing. Our final idea was to create a visual timeline that illustrates the transformation clearly and accurately. Using the map of Ajman as our base, we added illustrations over the maps to design a visual narrative about Ajman‚Äôs green spaces.